Located along the southern California coast, Isla Vista (IV) is a diverse college town largely inhabited by students who attend the nearby University of California, Santa Barbara. This community is uniquely made up of numerous parks, playgrounds, and beach access points located within the 1.9 square mile vicinity. ​

Use this website to embrace the concept of exploring your backyard. Get familiar with the numerous parks located in Isla Vista along with the ways in which these open spaces are utilized. Navigate the pages of this website to become more informed and involved with the community at large!


About the Authors

Ruby (left) is a third-year Communication and Spanish student at UCSB. For the past two years, Ruby has lived in Isla Vista and enjoys walking on the beach and exploring the various parks around campus.

 Karissa (middle) is a second-year Communication major at UCSB.  You can often find her going on sunset beach walks, reading in a hammock, petting dogs, or organizing outdoor activities with her friends. 

Rebecca (right) is a third-year Biopsychology major who likes to go on walks with her housemates or her dog. She is also learning to play her new kalimba.


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